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World Social Initiative Forum: a collective of groups and individuals changing our society one community at a time

The World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF) is a place to connect with world-wide initiatives that seek to create the right conditions for human beings to live a dignified life by developing educational, health, environmental, political and socio-economic initiatives directly inspired by individual communities around the world.

The WSIF is a family composed of very different individuals and groups that use a variety of models and approaches to work on the social challenges our time. Each member supports and inspires each other to continue their work in their particular field:teachers educating children in Brazil’s favelas, orphanages run by young people in South Africa and community banks and reforestation projects led by rural communities in India. These and other members work towards the same goal: to act daily with the responsibility required of human beings as citizens in our world today.




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Madurai, India - Under the title Healthy Earth, Healthy Body, Healthy Society: The Riddle of Relationship, the latest World Social Initiative Forum explored the various ways in which humanity can change our planet and

“Anthroposophy in Service of Human Development”

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Report on the Colloquium, held from November 24 - 27, 2011 at the Goetheanum:  The intention for the Colloquium, at the invitation of Paul MacKay of the Social Science Section in Dornach, was to prepare 

Report of the Iberoamericano Waldorf Congress in Ribeirão Preto/Brasil

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Report of the Iberoamericano Waldorf Congress in Ribeirão Preto/Brasil During the XI Iberoamerican Waldorf Congress in Riberao Preto/Brazil 5oo teachers from Latin America including   many Latin-American social initiatives were present. Thankls to the

“WSIF is an initiative by people who recognise a need for a holistic approach and perspective. We provide a platform for individuals and organisations to come together, especially those who are working to end poverty, injustice and inequality and creating sustainable communities.”